Monday, November 06, 2006

Things To Do This Week

Monday: Yoga; leftover lasagne; knit.
I don't remember what I was doing but I bet it ruled.
Tuesday: Happy Birthday D.! if I was in NYC: A TIME FOR BURNING (1966) at IFC Center. Since I'm in DC: Vote! knit.
Clean house in preparation for couch-crashing friend returning from France.
Wednesday: "Lost." knit knit. look at a potential new apartment? living over a market would be cool...
Weekly nerd meetup.
Thursday: come with me to see metal-head mountain men from Mars Valient Thorr at Jaxx. $10. 8p.
Going to Jaxx with Rose to look at men in denim vests, get hosed, and make my boyfriend drive home.
Friday: Silverdrinks at McGinty's + BORAT at the Majestic? drive to richmond, more drinks at Ipanema?
Come into work hung over, drink more, view movie (see above)
Saturday: Richmond. lookout carytown, my wallet is hungry for you. Charlottesville for Kaveh's birthday.

people: add your stuff to this calendar? Conner is in italics!

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D. said...

Ok, I can't figure out how to insert my comments! But Tuesday I had a great B'day dinner w/Chef Maya, Lauren and Joe. Voted (hey, looks like my guy Webb won!)
Wednesday: basked in the glory of overwhelming Democrat wins and Rummy's long-overdue step down from Chief War Monger.
Thurs. Work as usual
Fri. Social Responsiblilty meeting
Saturday: Rose comes to R! Let's shop and eat delicious things!