Friday, December 29, 2006


Its as good as it sounds!

Check it OUT!

For those of you too lazy to read up FREE BEER is a recipe for beer (w. guarana added, for that energy-boosting edge) that anyone is allowed to use and distribute. It's a model on the "open source code" thang, and ah think a cool project.

Now is FREE BEER easy enuff fer me to make, er do we have to count on our resident beermeister, mr. smooth? (who is still simmering his greatly anticipated apple beer, going on week number 6 billion or something like that)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Life Day

I've long heard about the horrors of the Star Wars Christmas Special (1978), but until the joys of youtube i hadn't seen it. There's a character in this called Mermeia Holographic Wow. i don't even know what that means, but im into it.
In honor of our own holiday, whichever you prefer, i present someone else's interpretation of what the best parts are. enjoy! I hope everyone got good booty, good food and minimal BS from their families, if you're into that kinda thing. xoro

Thursday, December 14, 2006

mullet travel

Maybe someone can explain why this airline is using the MULLET image to sell flights.....? Does anyone want to go to Daytona Beach with this dude?
Coach & Business Class “Mullet” Sale - $39 & upSpirit Airlines is offering their "business up front, party in the back" sale with great fares to Florida, the Caribbean, and much more through May. More...

BG's holiday shopping list

BG's been shopping for everyone & this is what we've found:

Kehinde Wiley's "Louis XVI Sun King" for ohyouknowocto

killah davesmoooth's Leica rifle camera

ben.c gets K9.

A private island for D. (caretaker, 6BR house & airstrip included)

cutest deadliest toy ever for Mayabean

It Never Really Was loves the Chocolate of the Month Club

a lifetime supply of pies for sensibletron

the gift of Rock! for the Captive Prisoner

and magnolialee gets her true wish to go to Britney's New Years party in Vegas. Hot.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Breakdancing Godzilla

I am so excited! One of my favorite artists, Emily Carr (1871-1945) had a pet monkey named Woo. At long last, someone has written a book about Woo. Woo Hoo!

Emily was, I guess you could say, a Canadian Expressionist. She never married, and was an artist and writer who ventured alone (except for Woo and some of her dogs) to camp in the wild forests of British Columbia, where she painted passionate portraits of nature and the totem poles of the first peoples of the Northwest Coast. This was around the turn of the century when women were supposed to be at home living some kind of proper life. But not Emily! At left is her portrait of Woo, who was apparently dressed for some fun!

Holy Arteries

cnt tok nw - uv gut uh mthful uv chkn frud bukn en muh muth

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ahm really nawt sure what ta think about this.....

but tha less warning you have, tha bettah.

Boston cooler that expected

Boston's new Institute Contemporary Art (opening this week) has installed this huge mural 'The Divine Gas' by Chiho Aoshima. i think it's beautiful, but i wonder how uptight bostonians will feel entering their new museum and being 'confronted by an enormous fart cloud' (as one boston globe writer put it.)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

poor jessica

So apparently Jessica Simpson was so wrenched nerves at a performance to honor Dolly Parton that she was seen, crying and holding her stomach looking visibly uncomfortable...

poor jessica

I mean... I think she probably just had diarrhea. What do you think?

zombie fun time

Yeah so there's this AWESOME zombie dance party coming up!

It's a benefit for the River City Rollergirls. Richmond's FIRST all-girl rollerderby league.

We just had our very first bout on Sunday and it was bangin! The Disco Shockers beat the Abominable Snowwomen but everyone put up a great fight. The bout was a total success. Over 800 people came out (all the way to South Side even) to the Seasons Beatings event to see RCR, Richmond Lucha Libre and the Octane Saints tear it up! It was so exciting. I, of course, made excellent sparkly signs for all my pals and my lovely RCR ladies. I didn't bout but I hope to get back on some skates very soon.

I hope you see you all at the next bout, but in the mean time if you're going to be in RVA soon you should come check this out. If I can get over this bronchitus I'll be in the kissing booth so come get some smooches!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I have a weakness for talking pigs.

Oh geez, ok, so I have a confession to make. And this even took me by surprise.

I was watching TV the other day and the preview for Charlotte's Web came on. AND I GOT TEARY! jeezus, what kind of wuss am I? It didn't even take the whole movie - just the thought of that cute little porker almost getting shipped off to slaughter and being saved by the love of a thoughtful spider.... sigh... it looks really good. ... and damn - there are some awesome actors in it: Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, Kathy Bates...
ate opponents brains/invented cocaine:
six foot 20, killing for fun.

Friday, December 01, 2006


So, this is my newest toy. It's a Nintendo Wii.

I have a love/hate relationship with the games industry. On one hand, I enjoy playing games and my partner in crime earns his living creating them. I grew up on adventure games and have fond memories of playing King's Quest IV, with the first graphical female heroine. I enjoy puzzly games and for a while played a lot of Puzzle Pirates, but all in all, a large portion of the output of contemporary software companies doesn't do it for me.

I could sit here and link to every possible example of tits and ass and thongs and absurd beach volleyball action with a sliding scale of boob jiggliness but I will refrain because some of us are children or at work--and besides, I don't mind that stuff SOME of the time. It's when it starts showing up everywhere that it makes me sad.

So what is special about the Wii? What makes it really different is the controller (on the left in the above picture), which is equipped with motion sensors. While I'm not all that familiar with or interested in the mechanics of how this works, what I do know is this: if you swing the controller, you swing your sword. Or your golf club. Or your baseball bat or tennis racket. If you hold it in front of you like you're putting and swing it, you...putt.

So I've spent some time playing with the Wii, and I have to say that it's fabulously intuitive and incredibly fun, and I'm glad we spent every cent of the $250 we shelled out. In the end, HD graphics and frame rates and chips and this and that don't mean crap to me.

Several of my coworkers have asked me, teasingly, "How are the graphics, Sensibletron?" and my response is always, "My Wii is FUN." Because the graphics on this bad boy aren't the point, and I'm glad that someone in the games industry finally noticed that bigger and flashier and whatever else doesn't actually equal enjoyment.

Several of my friends who aren't generally interested in videogames have had an absolute blast playing with the Wii. The graphics on Wii Sports, which is bundled with the system, are fairly rudimentary, but the gameplay is just so extraordinarily intuitive that the simplicity doesn't detract in any way. The console encourages you to invite your friends over to bowl or box, and basically enables you to have a fun time with your friends, socializing and playing games.

So yes, I love my Wii. It encourages me to be social. It eschews the technical advances of other systems (which essentially have all the same intonations as someone bragging about the size of their wang) in favor of fun and innovation.

OMG I want it!

The new Ditty Bops Calendar!!!!

They are so hot!

I have the 2006 calendar, but this one is even better 'cause it's all about vegetables and has RECIPES.