Monday, October 23, 2006

It's alive! So read me!

I'm so glad you folks are getting into this. this rules. recipes! kittens! rants! it's everything Godzilla and I could have hoped for & more.

So, here's how to BreakdancingGodzilla:
*Anyone, who signs on can post whatever their heart desires, and we'll all keep reading & responding to it.
*Everyone should get to do whatever they want to the blog, so if you have already joined & want 'admin' privileges - which let you change...everything & invite whomever you want to participate, let me know. If that's not egalitarian enough, i'll just make it so that everyone who signs on can have admin privelages. because thats how i think democracy works. (someone who knows better than I about democracy should confirm or deny).
*If you want to sign up to post - awesome! Email me, videorose & I'll send you the invite.

The dog pictured is, I'm pretty sure, my friend Andy's muttdog, thou i received the photo via mass email. Wouldn't it be strange to find a photo of yourself in a mass-distributed 'Hey entire office, isn't this hilarious?' email? That dog, thou a scruffy, longhaired and old dog - generally traits i'm not usually fond of in a pup - is, as advertised, 100% pure love. Hooray for Andrew's dog that I don't know the name of!! (sorry pup!)

I'm happy that the BG is magically updating itself and that I am eating yogurt seitan curry. This day may turn out okay afterall! Keep up the good work everyone! xoro

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