Saturday, April 19, 2008

Public Arts

There's this SF Arts Commission who makes sure that there is publick art out in SF. One of tha aspects ah like tha most is tha Arts of Market Street Program which put art on tha kiosks generally used fer advertising throughout tha very long, busy, and central Market St in 'Frisco (which no one actually calls 'frisco). It's a great example of how art ken be made publically available, n ah sure appreciate havin somethang worthwhile ta look at instead of anutha advertisement as ah walk in downtown.

Apparently, tha series ah really enjoyed recently is ovah, but ahve seen some of tha postahs still up. It's tha Wish You Were Here! Postcards from our Awesome Future installment. Apparently some artists talked to Bay Area rchitects, urban planners and transportation engineers and asked them "What would you do if you didn't have to worry about budgets, bureaucracy, politics or physics?" Then they created 6 silly posters elaborating on these ideas.

My favorite is tha Z-Line, which is a zipwire from San Francisco to Oakland - here's a bettah photo. These posters will supposedly be on sale at some point in time, so ahm gawna try n stay vigilant n aware so ah ken grab one.

On a down-note, how tha hell dae ah nawt have anyone in tha area who wants to see tha "Zombie Strippers" premiere tonight n attend a Q&A w. tha writer/director? Ah just can't justify gaein intae SF ta see a movie by myself....

Friday, April 18, 2008

new sins for 2008!

in case you didn't know, the Pope's in town.
In March, Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti listed seven "new" sins:

Environmental pollution
Genetic manipulation
Accumulating excessive wealth
Inflicting poverty
Drug trafficking and consumption
Morally debatable experiments
Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

do you think that girotti had a conference call with god to sort these out? were there others that almost made the list but weren't quite sinful enough? is having sex with a condom still a sin? really? is he sure that this isn't part of the updates for the new millennia that god apparently wants?
and, does the Vatican consider it's own wealth excessive? or, probably they 'need' all that money for the popemobile. gas prices are quite high...

women/work environment poll

hi- a friend in business school in Paris is doing her masters' thesis on the women's professional cycle, and how it differs from men's. She's doing a survey of everyone (men & women) thoughts on the subject, so if you have a minute, take a survey! help a grad student out! you'd want us to do it for you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

speaking of PIZZA!

"The Wonderpizza Machine is the first super-automatic dispenser for a real, hot crispy pizza in three different choices, served on a practical tray in short time, less then 2 minutes!
The first machine's part is a refrigeration unit, which keeps the pizza's temperature between 0 and +4°C; the second one houses an electrical oven that it cooks in Hight Intensity Toasted Oven atmosphere (NO MICROWAVE). Each vending machine holds up to 102 pizzas in three different flavours. "

Check out how it works!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Check out this silly ad for Pizza-La in Japan! While you're at it check out some other insane pizza commercials from Japan. Pizza Hut in Japan has some really weird pizza!

Friday, April 11, 2008

"They are good girls."

"They're zombies!"
"No, they are strippers."
"They're Zombie Strippers." {cocks rifle)

starring Jenna Jameson.

in theaters April 18!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


gimme. even if it is from three seasons ago. Marcel Dzama and fancy pursemaker MZ Wallace collaborated on these gold/diamond bats, octopi (movable legs!), and benoosed bears in 2005. they were $5k. my birthday was recently.

it's a base urge apparently. going against my usual disinterest in gold/diamonds.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Attn: Foodies!


Here is a charming blog I stumbled on to. I think you'll like it (especially you Maya)!

From the blog:
"My name is June and I live near Bath in Somerset, England. The West Country produces great organic produce, some of the best beef and lamb in the country, wonderful cheeses including Cheddar, excellent cider, cream and yoghourt, and artisan bread. I want to write about a passion for food, where it comes from, what's good about it, what to do with it. We are all trying to buy more locally produced, seasonal produce, cutting down on the food miles and improving the taste of what we put on the plate. That's why this blog is called Bread, Water, Salt, Oil... that's the basics!
Last Word
--and to paraphrase Nigel Slater... "When we say bread we mean proper, and when we say water we mean clean, and when we say salt we mean sea, and when we say oil we mean olive.""

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


About This Video: On the streets of New York, Joshua Allen Harris creates inflatable animals by tying plastic shopping bags to the subway grates.

More here!