Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Attn: Foodies!


Here is a charming blog I stumbled on to. I think you'll like it (especially you Maya)!

From the blog:
"My name is June and I live near Bath in Somerset, England. The West Country produces great organic produce, some of the best beef and lamb in the country, wonderful cheeses including Cheddar, excellent cider, cream and yoghourt, and artisan bread. I want to write about a passion for food, where it comes from, what's good about it, what to do with it. We are all trying to buy more locally produced, seasonal produce, cutting down on the food miles and improving the taste of what we put on the plate. That's why this blog is called Bread, Water, Salt, Oil... that's the basics!
Last Word
--and to paraphrase Nigel Slater... "When we say bread we mean proper, and when we say water we mean clean, and when we say salt we mean sea, and when we say oil we mean olive.""

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