Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fawked-Up 80s Movie Scored by Danny Elfman

Oh man, this movie really pushes tha boundaries of taste n tests yer threshold fer cheeze actin/etc. Forbidden Zone plays like a Troma movie even though it predates The Toxic Avenger by 5 years.

Shot in black and white to be "campy," the story is basically about a 6th dimension that is in tha household of some really fawked up family. It's scored by Danny Elfman n directed his brother Richard, n tha musick is pretty much tha most redeeming factor (although thars a good portion of topless chicks). From what ah unnerstand, tha musick included is a sort of pre-cursor to Danny's band "Oingo Boingo" (whom ahm more er less fascinated with these days). Thars also a midget (played by that guy from Fantasy Island), n plenty of cross-dressing. Unfortunetly, thars more then a lil bit of homophobia n inherent racism in some of tha scenes, n it's more of a mess then anythang else. Honestly, ah don't know if ah recommend someone WATCH this movie, er stay tha hell away from it. Ah dae know that it's really fawked up, even by MY standards, so thats sayin sumthang!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy merry!

as only richmond can do, someone driving by yelled this at us while we were smoking in front of The Byrd tonight. it could have been someone at least one of us knew, but it didn't have to be.
we just ate an amazing meal of rockfish baked with crab, Gruyere mac + cheese, yellow carrot soup and some delectably creamy lemon pie. thank you chef maya. the cat has built a nest out of wrapping paper and the dog is napping contentedly, filled with table scraps. the chef is now playing Wii and im ready for a nap.
i hope your holidays are equally filled with decadence. its not too late to start.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

20 worst album covers of all time!

This is a pretty hilarious compilation of the 20 worst album covers of all time.
which one is your favorite? I'm partial to this one:

Friday, December 21, 2007


So if you were one of those folks w. thar fingahs crossed that ahd git around ta recordin new musick, THIS IS YER LUCKY DAY!

RIGHT HERE you ken find my newest recording, an arrangement of Sebadoh's "Beauty of the Ride". Ah really like this band, dig this song, n am pretty proud of tha arrangement ah came up w., so ah hope you all enjoy. N let me just say, HELLZ YEAH fer havin a PA (albeit an old one) in my basement, which made recording this w. a decent mix SO much easier then its been in tha past.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ah thought this was pretty clevah....

prolly tha most "sophisticated" parody Mr. Yankovic has made,

RVA Wintery Mix

Here's the latest mix tape from RVA Magazine. enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007




It's gawt what plants crave!

So, if you haven't seen Mike Judge's Idiocracy, this probably won't be AS funny/unbelievable. Howevah, ah think it stands pretty good on it's own.

Brawndo WAS a fictional drink from Idiocracy, but will be available (at least directly via website) this Saturday. Ah can't WAIT ta start considering crushing people's skulls!

By tha way, Idiocracy is a pretty decent movie if yer lookin fer sumthang stupid but funny. Why nawt NETFLIXIT?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Imagine Peace

Today, at 11:15 pm in fact, is the 27th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon in NYC. Most of you readers are too young to remember, but I do. I was in BC with baby R. and I remember lighting white candles and feeling the world had changed into a sadder place. You all know his music, tho, and you can check out the Imagine Peace Tower that Yoko, Sean, Ringo and Olivia dedicated back on John's birthday this past October. Please take a moment to imagine peace, and about what we can do to make it happen.(See also my blog.) "War Is Over, if we want it to be."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


So here's a soundtrack. I couldn't get all the songs I wanted on it though, so go listen to these elsewhere:
You Stay Here by Richard Shindell
Like the Snow by Kristin Andreassen
Christmas by Leona Naess


Ahm gittin tha band back togetha!

By that ah mean, ah've (at least temporarily) reinstated my PERSONAL BLOG. Cuz ah've gawt nuthin but time on my hands. Take a gander if you feel like it (ie, bored).

Octopus fruit!

Look at this crazy octopus fruit! Actually it's called "Buddah's Hand" Maya brought me one from Tan A once but we thought it was a lemon gone wonky. Turns out it's a real thing that grows all the time and one of the oldest members of the citrus family. You can learn more about it here. Get a really good look at it.

"Grown primarily as a novelty, this large yellow citron looks like a large, lumpy lemon. Known as "fo-shou" in China and "bushukan" in Japan, the impressive Buddha's Hand is considered a symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fortune. This traditional temple offering and New Year’s gift is closely related to the lemon. It has an intense and long-lasting fragrance which makes it an excellent choice for a table ornament. The rind is very thick and extremely aromatic and can be grated for use in recipes that call for lemon zest, such as biscotti, fruit compotes, casseroles, and souffl├ęs."


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thriller novel for Cinephiles

Job hunting leaves people with a lawt of time on thar hands, so ah've discovered tha Berkeley Public Library (on my shmance bike of kerse). Sometimes, ah can't find unread novels by my favorite authors, n end up takin somethin off tha shelves fer one reason er anutha, that ahm completely unfamiliar with. Theodore Roszaks "Flicker" was one of these books.

Online reviews seem ta compare it to tha "DaVinci Code," but this is not only entertaining and well written, but it also is able ta geek-speak to cinephiles in a comforting way. The basick story is that a film scholar, over the years, learns more and more about some "secret" and "evil" filmmaking techniques used by a relatively unknown German director named Max Castle. As the story develops, and Jonathan Gates discovers more about Max Castle's techniques, influence, and spooky-assed religion, we find that film could actually be tha eternal struggle between good and evil (or something like that.) Honestly, it's a good read fer no otha reason then it makes those of us who have spent waaay too much time payin attention to movies feel a lil less alone, n ah personally really enjoyed some of tha "discoveries" made about tha Cathars religion. Tha endin is somewhat predictable, but tha book moves pretty well, and when ah finished ah really wished ah knew someone else who'd read it so we couldve had some convos, etc. Apparently thars rumors that mr. Darren Aronofsky will be turnin this intae his new movie, but tha internet tells me he's denying those rumors, so who knows.