Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fawked-Up 80s Movie Scored by Danny Elfman

Oh man, this movie really pushes tha boundaries of taste n tests yer threshold fer cheeze actin/etc. Forbidden Zone plays like a Troma movie even though it predates The Toxic Avenger by 5 years.

Shot in black and white to be "campy," the story is basically about a 6th dimension that is in tha household of some really fawked up family. It's scored by Danny Elfman n directed his brother Richard, n tha musick is pretty much tha most redeeming factor (although thars a good portion of topless chicks). From what ah unnerstand, tha musick included is a sort of pre-cursor to Danny's band "Oingo Boingo" (whom ahm more er less fascinated with these days). Thars also a midget (played by that guy from Fantasy Island), n plenty of cross-dressing. Unfortunetly, thars more then a lil bit of homophobia n inherent racism in some of tha scenes, n it's more of a mess then anythang else. Honestly, ah don't know if ah recommend someone WATCH this movie, er stay tha hell away from it. Ah dae know that it's really fawked up, even by MY standards, so thats sayin sumthang!

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