Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thriller novel for Cinephiles

Job hunting leaves people with a lawt of time on thar hands, so ah've discovered tha Berkeley Public Library (on my shmance bike of kerse). Sometimes, ah can't find unread novels by my favorite authors, n end up takin somethin off tha shelves fer one reason er anutha, that ahm completely unfamiliar with. Theodore Roszaks "Flicker" was one of these books.

Online reviews seem ta compare it to tha "DaVinci Code," but this is not only entertaining and well written, but it also is able ta geek-speak to cinephiles in a comforting way. The basick story is that a film scholar, over the years, learns more and more about some "secret" and "evil" filmmaking techniques used by a relatively unknown German director named Max Castle. As the story develops, and Jonathan Gates discovers more about Max Castle's techniques, influence, and spooky-assed religion, we find that film could actually be tha eternal struggle between good and evil (or something like that.) Honestly, it's a good read fer no otha reason then it makes those of us who have spent waaay too much time payin attention to movies feel a lil less alone, n ah personally really enjoyed some of tha "discoveries" made about tha Cathars religion. Tha endin is somewhat predictable, but tha book moves pretty well, and when ah finished ah really wished ah knew someone else who'd read it so we couldve had some convos, etc. Apparently thars rumors that mr. Darren Aronofsky will be turnin this intae his new movie, but tha internet tells me he's denying those rumors, so who knows.

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