Tuesday, December 25, 2007

happy merry!

as only richmond can do, someone driving by yelled this at us while we were smoking in front of The Byrd tonight. it could have been someone at least one of us knew, but it didn't have to be.
we just ate an amazing meal of rockfish baked with crab, Gruyere mac + cheese, yellow carrot soup and some delectably creamy lemon pie. thank you chef maya. the cat has built a nest out of wrapping paper and the dog is napping contentedly, filled with table scraps. the chef is now playing Wii and im ready for a nap.
i hope your holidays are equally filled with decadence. its not too late to start.

1 comment:

Humble Observer said...

wait, who of you was smoking? Thought y'all quit!

happy merry yerselves!