Thursday, April 17, 2008

speaking of PIZZA!

"The Wonderpizza Machine is the first super-automatic dispenser for a real, hot crispy pizza in three different choices, served on a practical tray in short time, less then 2 minutes!
The first machine's part is a refrigeration unit, which keeps the pizza's temperature between 0 and +4°C; the second one houses an electrical oven that it cooks in Hight Intensity Toasted Oven atmosphere (NO MICROWAVE). Each vending machine holds up to 102 pizzas in three different flavours. "

Check out how it works!


VideoRose said...

p-i-z-z-a! do you think their flavors are cheese, pepperoni or mushroom?

dave made pizza this week: tofurky italian sausage, onions, spicy pickled green beans, poblano pepper, ample mozz. hell yes it was good.

D. said...

Maybe if we all chip in some dollars we could buy one or two of these, install them in college dorms, and get rich!!! I'm serious!

kkdtv said...

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna try