Thursday, December 14, 2006

BG's holiday shopping list

BG's been shopping for everyone & this is what we've found:

Kehinde Wiley's "Louis XVI Sun King" for ohyouknowocto

killah davesmoooth's Leica rifle camera

ben.c gets K9.

A private island for D. (caretaker, 6BR house & airstrip included)

cutest deadliest toy ever for Mayabean

It Never Really Was loves the Chocolate of the Month Club

a lifetime supply of pies for sensibletron

the gift of Rock! for the Captive Prisoner

and magnolialee gets her true wish to go to Britney's New Years party in Vegas. Hot.


Dave said...

There really is very little I'd like more than a Leica rifle. Providing it worked of course, cuz what's the point of a rifle camera if you can't' use it?

magnolia said...

like, OMG, THIS is best xmas EVAR!!!

D. said...

Allll riiight! You are ALL invited to my island to party anytime you want!!
Now who's got an airplane?
Videose, YOU ROCK!

D. said...
By the way, that is the link to the details of my island.