Wednesday, November 15, 2006

longest wait EVER

man. check out that donut. look at how delicious it looks. with frosting & sprinkles AND jelly! man. Homer's not the only one chasing it. I could sure eat a donut now. well, anytime really. let's open a donut shop. I mean, sure the hours are early, unless we're a late-night donut shop, and sure we'd probably all gain 1,000 pounds, but think about how happy we'd be! swimming in powdered sugar. eating jelly. wearing frosting in our hair. or glaze if you prefer. Plus, we'd be filling a niche in the market.

There are two instances of memorable donut-eating in my recent memory. The most recent, I was at IFP market in NYC in Sept. and someone I'd met there had a bag of treats from The Donut Factory in Chinatown. I scarfed an all natural raspberry donut - yes! that donut is still with me, lasting far longer than the films I saw.

My best all-over donut experience was at the beginning of a bicycle/brewery tour of Seattle with dsmooth & our friend Andrew. Top Pot donuts has a library, darn good coffee & too many donuts to choose from. They are good & come in a cute box.

They say great donuts make the world a happier place & I agree.

anyway, if you want to actually watch the trailer for the simpsons movie, not out until JULY 2007, you can explore springfield thru the poster above.

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D. said...

My favorite donut story was told by my friend David (R.I.P.) who told of his brother's somewhat elderly mother-in-law coming here from somewhere in the wilds of WA state, and of course they took her to Richmond's Krispy Kreme when the "Hot Now" sign was on. (Have YOU ever had one??) Mama took a bite or two, then proclaimed,"These donuts are better than sex!" I think I'm gonna go get a donut now...