Thursday, November 02, 2006

Guatemalan Handshake

When I was in NYC in September, I found myself in a small neighborhood bar with some new friends in the East Village (maybe it was called Brenda's? I don't know) A random guy stored his film cans, of all things, behind the table where wewere sitting. He was there with two older folks, who we immediately assumed were his parents, comparing jaw lines, creating backstory...
Turns out, this guy is not someone carring film cans as a purse on a date with his parents, but Todd Rohal, fellow Silver Spring-er and the director of THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE - a feature that's been touring around lately, and features Will Oldham, (pictured) of Palace Brothers/Bonnie Prince Billy fame, who's also been acting a bit (see also the beautiful-looking and award-nominated OLD JOY now playing at the AFI Silver)

Anyway, I love the trailer for GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE. Thou i have no idea what it's about (camp? I can only assume), I LOVE-love the use of music in the trailer. Check it out:
The Guatemalan Handshake Trailer

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p.s. did I mention that Todd was CARRYING his film cans from festival to festival around the country? amazing! way to work those biceps todd! Stay tuned for info on a local screening or visit the GH website for showtimes 'round your way.

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