Monday, November 20, 2006

instant photo blogs

I love art blogs. I've been reading Hatnim Lee's (her photo's above) an LA/DC girl i kinda know. She works alternately for a famous photographer & in her parent's Logan Circle liquor store. For snapshots on a blog, her photos are strong. I wish I had a digital camera to photograph my every moment, like the choc+pb smoothie that just saved a friend's life or the uncommon cleanliness of my desk.

I'm trying to document all the strays on my block and im thinking about how it would be cool to go on an 'alley safari' - 10 points for a white pigeon, an all black squirrel, a kitten on a car. shoes over a power line, drug or prostitution remnants, a broken 40 bottle. all photos of course. I need more art in my life.

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