Monday, November 13, 2006

Lynch stumps for Oscar nom.

B-G's fav bizaare director David Lynch is working to bring the uberstrangeness to L.A., as usual. Some dudes made the worst video ever of the best Oscar stunt ever and of course posted it on youtube. Lynch is on the street in Hollywood with a cow and some big 'for your consideration' signs pushing for his favorite lady Laura Dern to get an Oscar nomination for her role as an actress in Lynch's barely released INLAND EMPIRE. INLAND EMPIRE just played AFIFest and is being essentially self distributed. Hopefully I can convince our friends at the Silver that it should be played in DC, and hopefully Mr. Lynch will agree. I'm not sure what the cow's about, something about cheese, which i also love. Enjoy!

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sensibletron said...

I love Laura Dern and if David Lynch sitting with a cow in LA is what's going to get her an Oscar, I say go for it.