Monday, November 27, 2006


The much-anticipated (by me) awards-season spoof from Christopher Guest has arrived, and it... is sad. Well, sad to me because it's not funny enough. It's a little funny. It's funny to see Catherine O'Hara with Botox and Christopher Guest essentially playing himself, and funny for those that are in the movie business to see a spoof on ourselves and the frenzy that goes with even the *possibility* of winning an Oscar.
But the jokes are few. The actors are old & they don't know what the internet is. The make-up guy is gay. No one can remember anyone else's name. Hollywood gossip shows are vapid and ridiculous. Actors turn to teaching when they finally retire from the craft.
FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION ends abruptly & there seems to be a great number of scenes that are just, missing. Where is Catherine O'Hara's hi-larious trip to get Botoxed with her trashy friend? What happened to the guy that actually gets nominated for the Oscar? He disappeared from the end of the film. No awkward lesbian moments with Parker Posey & her co-star. Not nearly enough Jennifer Coolidge to begin with. I just didn't laugh as hard as I wanted to on Thanksgiving weekend. If you want to laugh at Guest & crew's improv, stick with BEST IN SHOW.

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