Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Prada art installation

A friend of mine recently directed me to the Prada Marfa, pictured above. Thou it looks like a Prada store in the middle of no where, it's actually a minimalist landscape artwork by German designers Ingar Dragset & Michael Elmgreen outside Valentine, TX. Thou the Marfa displays the Fall 2005 Prada shoe line, the building is sealed & no one can enter to purchase or browse. The adobe building will eventually rot back into the earth, and the west Texas vandals have already stolen all the shoes - no word on if they've been replaced.
So, is it art? Is it advertising? Is it a blight on the serene & desolate landscape? Is it some kind of art-tourist trap luring people to the apparently hip Marfa, TX? People seem offended by the space, as thou this advertising

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