Friday, November 17, 2006

sensibletron is going to be so mad I ran off with her man.

This morning I had a dream I was in an old house, it was the only one on a grassy plain. The house was practically empty & darkly dusty day-lit and I was mad I couldn't find anything. Some friends were waiting for me outside. I absent-mindedly put on some old dried out teenager lipstick in a pink plastic tube, and as I did I remembered that this is how all the trouble started before. I instantly turned into a dog because of the unrequited feelings I had for some lad when I was a teen. I ran out of the house & up the road towards the mountains. my friends were calling after me. then ben.c came bounding out of the tall grass dressed as a dog. He was not a dog, but a man dressed as a dog, in TV kids show make up; only without a fancy suit. Of course, he became my only friend and we ran off together.

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