Thursday, March 27, 2008

W. - The Movie!

i can't stop cracking up about Oliver Stone's casting for his latest film 'W.' - about, you guessed it, W's formative years. the cast is:

Josh Brolin, Llewellyn from NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, also bad zombie doctor in PLANET TERROR. also he debuted in THE GOONIES.

: Elizabeth Banks, hot off Kevin Smith's ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO; also "Scrubs" and one of the bad dates (the lip biter) on 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN

Barbara: Ellen Burstyn, the speeded out mom from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, along with assorted other roles in which she plays grandmas, angels or clergy. As a young'un, Burstyn was an acrobat and a showgirl.

George Herbert Walker: James Cromwell, who has also played LBJ (twice!) and Prince Phillip. he also tends to play clergy. look at those teeth!

Based on the cast, i predict this film will be a sex comedy with gun violence and religious undertones.

Per Variety: "The film is expected to be ready for distribution possibly by the November presidential elections and certainly before Bush leaves the White House in January." Get ready america! pubescent presidential romps, revealed!


Sandy said...

Based on the cast it could be a really neat movie, based on the subject i think it will be pretty boring.

Where's the action, what did he over come? The loss of his oil business? His time in the military? What about that time where he had no respect for life?

Sandy said...
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Humble Observer said...

ah concur....ahm dyin fer some fictionalized accounts tho. give me a cross between NBK and Fear and Loathin (ah realize thas a Gilliam flick, nawt a Stone production) whar dubya is tha butt of many jokes, n ah will gladly see this movie.

Ahm excited about tha prospect of this movie...n ah haven't been excited about an oliver stone movie in a long time. Actually, ahve NEVAH been excited about a stone pic cuz tha last movie he made ah enjoyed was NBK n ah didn't know who he was until ah saw that (which ah actually hated tha first time).

ohyouknowocto said...

I wonder if this film will cover his time at Yale? Cocaine use? alcoholism? skull and bones? hmmmm