Monday, March 03, 2008

Buy A Word...any word.....

Ah found this on Laughing Squid.

The Big Word Project reminds me of that book The Phantom Tollbooth and tha scene whar thar at tha word market n buyin words. These folks have simplified tha concept, that tha worth is only based on how long it is. They say:

"About The Big Word Project

The Big Word Project has been set up by Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe, two Masters students from Northern Ireland, who are exploring what different words mean to different people. The project allows you to purchase a word from our list to represent your site. Your site will then represent this word in our list and when people click on it, they will be taken to your site. The project is aimed at changing definitions and creating a new tapestry of words, meaning altogether different things.

We're selling words for $1 per letter. Find it, click it, buy it :-)

For example, you may buy the word 'Donkey' for $6 and it will link to your site dedicated to donkeys. The word 'Donkey' will then be the gateway to your site and the definition will be changed. No longer will the word Donkey mean 'a woodworking apparatus consisting of a clamping frame and saw, used for cutting marquetry veneers', instead it will now be represented visually by 'Chris's Donkey Site'."

Currently, ahve spent $10 ta secure both "severe" and "bass." Ahve decided that whenevah ah git first dibs on eitha of those words from now, ah should just jump on it. Maybe some dumb-ass latah generation will credit me w. its conception...."you know, SEVERE, like in 'severe bass?'"

Or maybe I just gave 10 bux to some Irish guys. Which I'm okay with.

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