Thursday, March 13, 2008

SXSW '08

Today in the Performance Royalty Debate a very nice female panelist whose last name was Whynot (I didn't catch her first name) said, "artists are entitled to make a living from their art." I'm not sure I agree with her. Is the commodification of art a right? The ability to ask a person for money before you give them access to your art is a basic freedom in this society. "Making a living" is a market driven idea and it would be ideal to live in a society who valued art enough for people to make a living creating it (be that through government support or otherwise), but is it necessary for society or humans to survive? I'm not convinced. Is it necessary for art to survive?

We heard folk rock singer Martha Wainwright (daughter of Loudon) this evening at 5 - she sounded good, had a cute dress, and also wrote the song, Bloody Mother Fuckin' Asshole. That photo's by Ken Schles.


D. said...

I would say that it IS necessary for art to exist and survive, as long as humans exist. (If there are no humans, who cares?) Do artists have a 'right' to be paid? I guess only if some entity wants their output. Will we ever see a society in which artists are paid to stay in the studio or wherever and create (regardless of the outcome)? I doubt it. [BTW I can't see your photo.]

Humble Observer said...

Ah think anyone who thinks artists are ENTITLED to make money off their art hasn't been paying attention to tha musick industry fer oh, FEREVAH. It's a pretty privileged life someone must lead in ordah tha make such a blanket statement that providin art, which while enriching and amazing and lifechanging, is nawt a necessity to survive. People who build houses n cure tha sick are entitled to make a living (and not necessarily money, bartering is hunky-dory), but those of us who have a burnin desire to express our inner thoughts should be content to find an audience, and GRATEFUL if their self-expression puts food on tha table.

Humble Observer said...

ah guess ahd also add that ah dae think it is necessary fer art ta survive...both fer artists n art patrons. But all that means is that as long as thar are people, someone will make crafty shite, someone else will slap thar palms togetha n make vocal noises, n someone else will doodle in tha sand. N thar will be many people who will sit by them n watch them slap thar palsm, make crafty shite outta sticks, n doodle in tha sand. N if they REALLY like tha doodles, they'll initiate some sorta mating ritual, which ah think is all good artists ken really evah hope ta be entitled to.