Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why am I not on a panel?

Right now I'm in a songwriter session with Donovan:

He was 18, just arrived in London, 1964-ish, had absorbed Woody Guthie, Pete Seeger. One late morning and all his friends were horizontal and he wrote his song Colors, which he's singing now.

He's joined by Johnny Bush, who wrote Whiskey River, made famous by Willie Nelson which he's singing now. Apparently Willie's recorded it 27 times, and Johnny's giving us a new verse today:

"Willie please don't stop singing Whiskey River,
its the only thing keeping me alive.
Willie please don't stop singing Whiskey River,
I need those checks I get from BMI."

But someone really needs to find a new sound person, I've never heard such expensive guitars sound so bad.

and Peter Holsapple, who's now singing Child In You,

"Go run and play with yourself if no one else will..."

Photo: Willie Nelson & Johnny Bush, Panthen Hall, Dec. 1968

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Anonymous said...

Donovan! I went all the way from VA Beach to Woodstock to see Donovan! And he didn't even show up...(but a lot of other great folks did!) Please give Donovan my 1969-love and have fun!