Thursday, March 01, 2007

art + bank robbers

Can you believe it's March?! Spring is coming!

There are lots of things i keep thinking about posting to the B-G. mostly, have you noticed that a pair of teen girls in GA have beat us to the punch of stylish bank-robbing? Will their huge sunglasses protect them? (i kind of hope so, but probably some other Mean Girl will rat them out) Are they robbing to support a fashion habit? To pay for college? Or because one is preggers like in SUGAR & SPICE? (no one can talk about this without mentioning the cheerleader bank heist film)

in DC, surprisingly, there's a lot of art happening this weekend.
Friday 3/2: The Hirschhorn's AfterHours party with DJ Ian Svenonius (formerly of The Make-Up) also features a giant light-brite we can play with. A kick-off for their new show of light-based works. $10 for all the DC glitterarty you can handle.

Saturday 3/3 Hemphill's new show opens - "Tug of War" - featuring 'pop surrealism.' looks like some interesting stuff in the show with works by toymaker stars Gary Baseman + Tim Biskup, among others. i feel like I've seen a lot of these works in Juxtapose, and depending on the prices, could be a great example of Jed Perl's bitchy & insightful New Republic article on if the art world has lost it's mind. Has it? Have I because I want to buy this? Does it matter? Do i care? Am I, a mid-20s, single, middle class, educated, office worker part of some bourgeois because I desire art?

Sunday (SUNDAY SUNDAY!!) of course is hot roller derby action in Baltimore with a guitar hero and best metal outfit contest. see previous for the details. I'll be there with big tits & bigger hair in an A-shirt. what could be more metal than that?


Dave Smooth said...

You're single?

VideoRose said...

well, not married. but hardly single.