Monday, March 05, 2007

goodbye to a lifelong friend

I've been drag ass imploding lungs sick all week and the final pain in the ass of getting drugs is over. The trials were thus: 1. live. 2. pass the guilt trip given to me by my dr's secretary: "you haven't been in since 2005," she guilted "to which i thought, pretty good hunh?" show me any man under 30 who has been to the dr as much as me and is under 30, i've been like 4 times in 7 years, can anyman beat that? (thankyou ladies for getting an annual exam, further proving it is harder to be a girl/woman.) 3. The my pharmacy didn't fill the prescription for 3 days because i didn't have insurance and they assumed that i wouldn't want it filled without a prescription. that is to say, he'll likely have to go to the hospital first. 4. and 5. cfc's in asthma drugs have been banned making them less effective, more expensive but not bad for the environment. i could kick al gore in the balls right now. good idea with a shitty follow through and it makes me want to vote for earth destroying republicans but then i could never afford drugs.

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