Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Raining in Austin

I'm at SXSW, maybe I'll get around to posting a few times while I'm here.

I got in town yesterday and the music part of the conference starts today, so I haven't heard any bands yet.

Last night Jason took me to a film distributor's happy hour, B-side - met some interesting folks and they pitched to me about using their DVDs as premiums in fundraising campaigns. Gave me a copy of a DOC, Before the Music Dies.

My partner in musical crime, JohnnyB, gets in this afternoon.

My interests for the evening include:

6:30 Keynote speaker: Pete Townsend
8 Charlie Louvin
9:30 Pistol Love Family Band
10 Cara Luft
11 The Wrights
1 Les Savy Fav

But who knows if I'll stick to that? Especially when the drinking begins...

Wish you were here,

p.s. Jason has 3 cats!

1 comment:

VideoRose said...

im so glad you're giving SXSW updates. i want more! I'm also horribly jealous. you bitch. so many great bands! see my friend Valient Thorr or TigerCity!