Thursday, March 29, 2007

I look 47 but I'm 24

Will Tom Waits ever tour again? I mean, seriously. It seems to be something I have to do before I die. before HE dies. i'm listening to 'You Can Never Hold Back Spring' from his new "Brawlers Bawlers and Bastards" and I love his ancient salty whisky voice. I used to love-LOVE him, then I kind of fell away, then, thanx to OYK, i'm hot for him again. He's the king of the circus and the master of the drunk piano. There are few people I'd do this for, but i would fly to whatever US city he performs in, and i would program a bad film about him at my festival just to get him here. I was hoping that being BFF with Jarmusch would help, but i've never even seen that guy again, so i don't know what to do. Also, wikipedia just told me he has 3 kids.

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