Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It always surprises me when I hear about ongoing radio plays in Britain--it's a narrative form that's completely disappeared on our end of things but still appears to be live and well in England.

Anyways, here's a fun service that offers easy-to-download old time radio shows. I haven't checked it out yet but I'm tempted, especially because ben.c and I are facing some road trips in the near future, specifically to the vet school in Blacksburg. Our Christmas journeys were much enhanced by an audiobook recording of The Areas of My Expertise. I'd like to see if I can find something as entertaining.

Anybody have any audiobooks they might recommend for people on a long trip? (We've already got all the David Sedaris you can shake a stick at)


VideoRose said...

when i was a young nerd, i enjoyed checking out casettes of edgar allen poe tales read by scaremaster Vincent Price. For a creepy roadtrip thru ghost towns, desolate deserts, and dark forests.
thu-thump. thu-thump.

D. said...

When I was a little girl....[you must hate it when I say that, in fact, I hate it when I say that], actually I must have just recently out of the womb, we used to listen to Fibber McGee and Molly on the radio. It really cracked me up. Fibber has this closet FULL of stuff, and he's always looking for something and opens the closet and all the stuff falls out! [great sound effects] You always know it is going to happen, and for some reason that makes the noise of the stuff falling even funnier!