Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wolfie's first blog, about doing it

i personally know this condom has ruined the erections of three men, it is squarely the worst product that babeland sells. so i was in babeland.com to buy condoms two days ago and inquired with the helpful charming staff about something i had read on the box of several vibrators, and if you aren't savvy, here is a public health tip from me to you: the warning label on vibrators that says, "don't use on calves" isn't there because calves are quite far from and a poor way of stimulating the clit, rather women who smoke and are on birth control (aka women in the swing of it) frequently develop blood clots in their calves and shoulders. vibrating said blood clots can send them into the blood stream and towards the heart. so, pick your battles, you can't have all three: cigs, birth control and no neck pain. thats wolfie's sex tip of the day: keep the vibe above the knees but below the waist and enjoy sexy good times.

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