Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New [Art] Year!

Happy New Year!

Let's make 2007 the Year of Art. Promote the arts (visual, performing, edible, other) in any way that you can. The more art is valued, the better positioned we are to earn a living from ART. Think about it, most if not all of the BG bloggers are involved in the arts, either as a livelihood or as a way of staying sane (or both)! The example shown may not be the greatest art, but some guy in Richmond is posting paintings on street signs, a great way to get the work out there! I saw him the other day, hanging another painting on aonther sign post..... Here's a quote from Sean Lennon (John & Yoko's 31-year old son): "The difference between artists and nonartists to me is not necessarily related to talent; it's that artists take art seriously and everyone else kind of doesn't. I grew up taking art so seriously that I think it's the way to live. " Me too. How about you?

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VideoRose said...

im all for art year. it's another excuse to have big art parties at our houses....