Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beardy cap!?

I found a new thing that you guys who know how to knit can knit for me. A BEARDY CAP! You can give it to me for any number of special occasions and holidays coming up. I want a black and purple one. See if you can make it have a wild hairdo also.

If you're lazy, but rich you could buy me THE beardy cap from Vík Prjónsdóttir. They are a collective of artists from Iceland who make many great and adorable things. They invented the beard cap.

If you're not rich enough to go to Iceland to get one (but still rich enough to pay $145) then you can just go to Brooklyn's Scandinavian Grace, located at 167 N 9th St. Scandinavian Grace is a trendy, local Ikea-esque decorhaven! I called to ask if they hand any beard caps in stock, and they do! They stock them in light gray, dark gray, and brownish. They are also available in two different lengths, short and long. The shop keep kindly informed me that the short ones are more popular, but that I should come see for myself. You just have to take the L Train from 14th street and get off at Bedford. Remember to sit in the back of the train to make sure you get off on the right side of the stop.

From the Vík Prjónsdóttir website:

The beard caps refer to a traditional cap called “lambshed-hood” which was used in Iceland by farmers who in heavy snowstorms had to walk long distances between their sheds and to the neighboring farms. The cap covered both head and neck and had only a small opening for the face."


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D. said...

I think Icelander boys must be like some Canadian boys I know. I can totally imagine the canucks in beardy caps!