Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bright Idea UPDATE!


I found this guys website, but I still can't track down the machine. I think it moves around.

Once again if anyone in NYC sees one of these can you please buy it and photograph your adventure for a BG post?

Here's an idea from his website:

"Pick up someone else's camera.
Let your face got completely slack.
Shake hard.
Wait for it to be found.


Jake Bronstein said...

Um, I only take it out when I've got free time... but if you send me your email I'll let you know where it'll be next. I could also just send you a fun-ball if you liked. I will have to charge you 50 cents though.


Sandy said...

At SWIM it was called Shakey Faces. On Internet it's called jowling:

videorose said...

dang! the originator of the idea ball has shown his presence but hasn't left contact info. hit us back jake bronstein! we want your machine at all our parties!

ohyouknowocto said...

BG is blowing up!