Saturday, February 23, 2008

old fort western

our friend Crazy Mike made this photo animated short about Old Fort Western in Maine. he also received a threaten letter from Old Fort Western asking him to take down the video and citing, incorrectly, youtube's terms of use prohibiting showing the work of a third party (this film is obviously made by Mike). they also had the audacity to be a jerk and talk shit about mike's short. watch the video (which is awesome) & learn about how OFW is haunted by the ghost of Benedict Arnold.

if you feel so inclined, you can read the email mike received asking him to stop showing the video on his page, and, since mike's included the contact info for the complainer, you can chastise them for stomping down artistic expression, restraining free speech and not respecting intellectual property ideas. and, tell them they shouldn't be ashamed of housing the ghost of america's most famous backstabber.


Humble Observer said...

thanks to tha both of ah have mikes voice stuck in my head saying "old fort western" over n over again.

Ah wondah how often tha folx in maine gae scourin youtube fer supposedly illegal videos about thar haunted ass fort? n how much dae they git paid while daein so?

VideoRose said...

ps! the d' steel(e) society of poetics is writing poems of protest, too!