Thursday, February 21, 2008

I write Metal Reviews these days

Just barely, n ah don't git paid fer it, but ah dae!

Currently I have two reviews posted on the Reviews page, for the most recent Overkill and Nightwish Albums. While I did these some time ago, I was waiting to hear back from one of tha admins ta make sure they still wanted ta utilize my skillz.

You ken also see them if you just scroll down, thar tha two most recent reviews. Ah hope this is somethang ah ken keep u p fer a while, as it makes me thnk about shite n pushes me towards that "metal-snob" label ahve been gunnin fer.


johnnyB said...

Nightwish is cool, though I'm not sure which of the vocalists I prefer.

Iced Earth's latest, however, is fucking killer!

/me rocks

Humble Observer said...

thanx fer tha tip....ahll see if thats available fer review next (ahm sure ahll like it bettah then tha dismember release....)