Thursday, January 10, 2008

come inside, pour yourself a drink, grow yourself a beard, or GET THE FUCK OUT

This is the best thing I've found on the internet in a while. Please listen to all of the songs.

I'd put something more coherent here but it's just too wonderful.

On an unrelated note, I'm happy to see everyone would rather have sex with Alex Trebek than Larry David. Cheers!


Humble Observer said...

Actually, ah really wanted clarification fer tha poll...See, if ahm pitchin, then it would be alex trebek. Cuz ahve heard he's a jerk n so ahd really give it to him. If ah was receiving, ah think Larry David would be a bit more gentle, n prolly more up fer a cuddle aftahwerds.

sensibletron said...

I think Larry David would be all neurotic afterwards and probably cry or run off or something and then beat himself up about it for days and days.

Humble Observer said...

yeah, ahd still take that ovah bein fawked by alex trebek. that guy might break me.

Humble Observer said...

ahve finally had a chance to watch this n ah concur, its quite brillant. Gae Aussies w. Beards!