Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Would Jesus Buy?

The Shopocalypse is upon us! I saw my first Christmas ad on tv just before Halloween, (a credit card ad, because debt is essential for the holidays) and I nearly threw up. You probably also know this is the time of year when I start ranting about my hatred of the consumerization of a religious holiday (which, incidentally, celebrates the birth of a man who turned away from material posessions). you know i love to shop but i hate the feeling that my man/mother/best friend won't love me as much if i don't buy them a diamond x-box.

Lucky for me, I can send everyone to see Rob VanAlkemade's What Would Jesus Buy? for a little temperance of their holiday spending. See! Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir! Be Amazed! at responsible shopping practices! Watch! and be entertained!

WWJB showed at SILVERDOCS this summer (i reviewed it) and is opening in limited theaters this month around the US - check it out! NY, Seattle, Baltimore and Oakland you're in luck, it's screening in your town - DC, Richmond, Hawaii, call your fav indie theaters and ask them to play the film!

don't get me anything.


Dave said...

does this mean you aren't buying me a diamond x-box?

johnnyB said...

Pssh. Platinum Xbox.

Personally, plan on exchanging small gifts appropriate to the season, including axes, lamps, sandals, and polished metal mirrors.


Captive Prisoner said...

you should free yer slaves too. just fer tha day tho.

ah like how close tha werd "saturn" is to "satan". So w. two degrees, we've turned christmass intae SATANalia, from now on known as tha best holiday EVAH!

D. said...

I thought _I_ was getting the Diamond X-Box!! Well I don't want it. May I suggest The Heifer Project (http://www.heifer.org) or Seva (www.seva.org) (thank you Wavy Gravy, Bob Weir and other old rockers!) for anyone who feels compelled to give to someone who doesn't need any more stuff!