Saturday, November 03, 2007

Watch out, all you Demons!

For Demon Hunter!

At first glance, I thought, "another basic metal band", especially as their latest album is lacks a lawt of tha overly harmonized choruses that pepper tha "lame musick that is still sorta nawt lame sometimes" metal genre. Howevah as you ken prolly see, they all have priest collars on! Ah couldn't find out if any of them were actually clergy, b/c ah couldn't find any mention of Christianity on their website. Wearin collars in a sacreligious way could be kinda finny anyway. Never fear tho, these boyz have tha faith, n while ahd nevah hold that against them, when ah saw tha musick video that tries ta make church RAWK, ah hafta admonish them. It's totally cool to be Christian (n these guys look sorta Catholic even) n love metal, n even mix them now n then. But sunday service (n this looks like a mass) is nawt metal, especially when yer video capitalizes on all tha mind-numbing, n none of tha "love of god". er even tha HATE of god. Nae horns dudes, nae horns.

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