Saturday, November 17, 2007

Money Ghost Mix Tape

The new issue of RVA Magazine is out now which means a NEW MIX TAPE!
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My friend Emily found a $20 bill folded in fourths on the floor of her apartment one day. She had no idea where the money came from. She went to shower and when she came out she found another $20 bill folded in half on the floor by her dining room table. Where could this mysterious money come from? That night, we came up with the only logical conclusion; A MONEY GHOST!

I think we could all use a Money Ghost, to randomly leave us some scrilla. To tell you the truth, I’d also settle for a Sushi Ghost or a Sushi Money Ghost! Godzirra Rolls & $20 bills would just appear for you! Money Ghost, I dedicate this mix to you. Please come visit me. To hear this mix and more visit for mix tape comments and suggestions hit up - LV


johnnyB said...

Make no mistake, Money Ghost is real. Money Ghost is also a world traveler. I found 20 USD worth in Indonesian currency, also neatly folded, tucked behind the dart board at work. Whether it was meant as a gift, or whether Money Ghost was in fact wagering against some other dart player of noncorporeal form (and perhaps Indonesian origin), we'll never know.

Either way, they should restock the beer fridge. And I'll hear not a word of there being a separate Beer Replenishing Ghost.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's awesome! Money Ghost is awesome!