Friday, October 26, 2007

Very Superstitious

AP released a poll about belief in the supernatural today. best line:

Those who dismissed the existence of ghosts include Morris Swadener, 66, a Navy retiree from Kingston, Wash. He says he shot one with his rifle when he was a child.

23% of americans have felt the presence of ghosts. Apparently, single people, Catholics, liberals, and those who never go to church are most likely to see ghosts, so i guess if i've got three out of four (more or less) than it makes sense that i conjured up Klamoswa, the Egyptian ghost in the basement of 809. A single heathen, even at 13.

Also of note: Young men are more likely to 'seek out luck,' but i think they might have confused this phrase with 'getting lucky.'

So, what about you? have you seen a ghost? a UFO? monsters under the bed? are you scared to say 'bloody mary' in the dark bathroom? take the poll! share it with the world in the comments. it's halloween people, get creeped out!


D. said...

What is the story with this photo? Is there a ghost in it? I am a believer!

D. said...

OK here are some 'spooky' details ...well I believe my mother appears to me in the form of a mockingbird (don't laugh, she said she'd come back as a bird); a psychic once described my 'spirit guide' grandmother in detail; Rose & I both heard the noises of a spirit in a house we inhabited in Canada; I have heard the crying of a (5th) child who (my psychic said) decided not to join his 3 siblings in the womb. There are some restless souls out there, no doubt!

D. said...

See my blog at for some creeepy photos.

Anonymous said...

i actually remember the ghost as "klamoso"

Maggie said...

Didn't Klamoswa say that your grandfather was his descendant? Man - that was a freaky Ouiji Board experience.