Saturday, October 20, 2007

Musick I'm Excited About

Currently there are actually a few thangs that are gittin me hawt n bothered, musick wise. Tha first is Ween's latest album, "La Cucaracha". It will be released on Tuesday, but you can listen to it here on myspace now! Ween is also on tour, which is awesome, and some tickets may er may nawt exist fer baltimore shows, among othas. Ah've bought tickets fer a Santa Cruz show, b/c that's how excited ah was.

Also, there's trailers being circulated (fer who knows how long, cuz ahm nawt really all THAT up w. this stuff) fer ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA ,live footage from Seattle/Portland shows last December. I saw this in Washington, DC last October and it was tha best musickal performance ahd evah seen. Ah may be biased, but these guys are rawkin tha hell out of some amazing tunes, and I can't help but advocate. They're also on tour, but won't be in Northern California so my loss could be yer gain....will be travelling to Australia as well, which has such a ring to it....

Checking out the Estradasphere Myspace page , ah see that they are releasing a dvd version of their most recent album "Palace Of Mirrors", which is totally fittin, as tha album feels like movie musick. Check out tha trailer, and then tha artsy write-up:

"Palace of Mirrors Live" is a psychedelic-sci-fi-gypsy-metal-jazz epic performed by the six musicians of Estradasphere, a live-cinema projectionist, and an innovative visual team. As the themes of the music associate with the enigmatic video projections, a dynamic film is created in which the members of Estradasphere are both the characters and the soundtrack orchestra. The mind melting Palace feature is counterbalanced by an entire opening set of 60's foreign/domestic film music, cartoon and bebop jazz, anachronistic Classical music interpretations, channeling of a non-existant American truck commercial, classic Estradasphere Gypsy Metal, and 50's Gospel favorites. Among the interpreted composers are Raymond Scott, Nino Rota, Frederic Chopin, Camille Saint-Saƫns, Bud Powell, Sam Cooke, and Bernard Herrmann"

Estradasphere is also supposedly going to be opening up and supporting Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls sometime soon. Further investigation tells us some members are collaborating w. Secret Chiefs 3, who have affiliation w. John Zorn's Tzadik record label.... which is generally jewish folk/klezmer musick-on-drugs sounding musick. With a description like

" Spectacular arrangements of Masada compositions by mad alchemist Trey Spruance, mastermind of Secret Chiefs 3 and one of the most brilliant musicians around. Drawing upon an astonishing array of musical styles from Exotica and Surf to Ethiopian Funk and Gypsy Swing, Trey ’s colorful orchestral arrangements perfectly compliment the lyricism and dynamic rhythmic complexity of Zorn ’s evocative Book of Angels. Featuring some of the best musicians from the Bay Area, LA and Seattle scenes, this is one of the most compelling installments in the entire Masada series.",
can you help but be interested?

Apparently Breakdancing Godzilla benefits when I'm putting off packing.

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