Monday, October 15, 2007

Combat rigor mortis with Zombie Sutras

After all those years of shambling uncomfortably with stiff, deteriorating limbs, I've discovered that yoga is good for zombies too. Nothing's better after a rough night's sleep with your leg wrapped around your waist or a long day at the office with my head lopped over to one side than a soothing session of stretches to liberate the soul, the body, and of course the braaaaaaains. 

Of course, I always thought I was alone. But apparently, a film is in production about the growing zombie yoga community:

So nice to find such warm, welcoming zombies. Even if their flesh is still cold.


VideoRose said...

yay!! had i been in NY this weekend instead of DC, you might have seen me in that picture. i do heart (braaains?) zombies and their flexibility.

It never really was said...

I've always thought that lotus pose would be much easier if I could just detach my femur...