Friday, June 27, 2008

zombie strippers, kind of awesome

Zombie Strippers is available for download on your favorite pirating site right now. you may recall my excited post about it when i was seeing electric green posters of Jenna Jameson in a corset all over mid-town. d. + i watched it last night, and it's ridiculous-amazing. it's definitely an ultra-indie, low-budget horror-soft core-political drama. it's written directed, and shot by Jenna's boytoy and b-movie auteur Jay Lee, who seems to have pulled most of the dialogue from other movies, adding yet another level of kitsch and inside joke to the film.
we decided you could write a trilogy of analytical papers on the film, covering the anti-war / anti-bush propaganda, including the american malaise to get involved in protesting what they may feel is wrong, the male gaze and female empowerment, and kind of an overview of the genre-ripping they do, making a perfectly campy & over the top survey of the best (& worst) of b-horror and zombie films. also, amazing costumes, and about 50/50 zombie killing/stripping.
anyway, i recommend that you get your friends together & have a few and check out this tits + gore extravaganza, have a really good laugh and say 'oh damn! no they didn't!' a few times. look out for my feminist response another time

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very weird...but interesting info!