Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reverse Graffiti!

Paul Curtis aka “Moose” makes "reverse graffiti" by power washing filthy surfaces using a Clorox Green Works cleaning product and gigantic heavy duty wooden stencils. Some one has made a pretty cool film (/ad for Clorox) about it.

Curtis: "I have this weird thing about dirt where I just look around for it all the time; I'm a professor of dirt"

From the Reverse Graffiti Project website

On April 15, 2008 in San Francisco, Green Works brought together an English reverse graffiti artist and a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker, to create an environmentally friendly work of art and a film about a philosophy of clean.

I read in Wikipedia that Curtis was recently arrested in the UK for his work, I know of a few other instances where "reverse graffiti" artists have been hassled by the cops, but they are just CLEANING. What they are doing may be considered a nuisance by some, but they're not doing anything illegal, technically. In fact, one could argue that they are prompting the city to keep cleaner streets.

So, who wants to buy me a jig saw and a power washer?


RoseV said...

an ad for green cleaning supplies?! totally lame!

ohyouknowocto said...

Yeah, it;s definitely wack for a "street artist" to have a corporate sponsor, but you have to admit that the reverse graffiti looked pretty cool.

RoseV said...

ok i had a lot of questions about this film when i was watching it. who is this guy? is this for real? are you sure? is he obsessive compulsive? if he's an environmentalist what is he cleaning with? isn't it only bleach ammonia borax, heavy duty stuff that's full of chemicals that could erase decades of exhaust on the side of a tunnel? and I'm supposed to believe that organic cleaners made it clean?
i was really questioning the reality of this video, then i saw that Doug Pray was the director. and then my questions were more complicated. Pray is the director of Big Rig, Scratch and most recently a doc about a surfing family in california, along with shorts for doc marten and other brands. so.
is this the future of non-fiction? 3 minute viral short videos that are ads for real products? or, is this just the doc-makers form of beer money? (rent money?) is pray selling out or paying the bills to continue to make challenging and unusual docus about the creative characters populating the US?
where's the line between art and commerce? is this film any less because its sponsored by clorox?
(i)you were still engaged in it....

DC Figgy said...

I have to say I also was asking myself how environmentally friendly it was to have all that bleach and dirt run-off...and the part about the resto wall- yeah, just sounded ocd to me. The mural was pretty cool looking- how long do his pieces last? And does he just "clean" areas of pollution- does he even "clean" pre-existing graffiti?