Wednesday, December 10, 2008

video roundup party

ok ya'll so since the video below is sadly gone, and I'm home sick, i'll share a few vids that have tickled my funny lately.

if you haven't seen this magically delicious music video from LA's king of flowing blonde hair Chris Dane Owens about his epic battle for love, you need to watch it now. I'm pretty sure the Tree from Big Fish makes a cameo along with the bad girl from a yet to be released indie film (shes one of the witches), there could also well be some footage ripped from Lord Of the Rings, & an homage to Pricess Bride or any number of other romantic sci fi adventures. Did he make this to get slathered all over satire sites? Love has Enemies!

80s punk pioneers Bad Brains have been touring intermittently again and crazy crazy lovable weird frontman HR is interviewing himself for something called The Spinner's 'on the DL.' it is awesome. Find out just why he's so crazy-crazy and all about if he's punk or reggae.

Finally, check out Food Party, which is a nutty puppet cooking show filmed in some chick's apartment in the depths Brooklyn. maybe i'm delerious but the Yoko Oh-No bit in episode 3 had me laughing my ass off. her food blog on the same site is pretty cool too, but with not actual recipies. enjoy!

me, im off to sleep on the couch and dream some weirdo suusi dream about some bitch running over my foot because i was driving (a shopping cart?) without shoes on.

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