Thursday, May 15, 2008

documentaries for you!

Hi! everyone might already know that im all movies all the time lately, so i thought I'd share some with you!

All That We Consume dave & I made this short doc for the International Documentary Challenge this year. you can watch it at the link. We didn't win any prizes except fun and satisfaction! cut us some slack, it was made completely within 5 days, and shows just about everything we consumed that day. did you know that we, conservative water users, use something like 65 gallons of water A DAY?

You can watch the winning Doc Challenge film Ars Magna on PBS' best venue for documentary POV in July when it airs before screenings of Arts Engine's Election Day. (I worked with Arts Engine & Election Day's producers on the IFP Doc Labs)

Watch BOLERIUM online for free! my friend Nate Kensinger's film, Bolerium, can be downloaded for free from Indiepix this week only. do it now & before May 21, because if you do, Nate will actually get paid for the download & for being a filmmaker, and this is good.

"Bolerium" captures a day-in-the-life at one of America's most important independent bookstores - Bolerium Books - run from a hidden location in the heart of San Francisco's immigrant/radical Mission District.

Look out for his and Megan O'Hara's latest short Covered Tracks at festivals and stuff near you!


D. said...

When I click on "All that We Consume" I get -- access denied! Need a username and password. But I'd like to see it!

VideoRose said...

oh, alright, i was hoping it wouldn't need that still.... secret access password:
Username: docchallenge
Password: 2008