Sunday, September 30, 2007

a dream from dave, illustrated by rose

hi again.
So really, the dragon was a mutated crow. it got the zombie virus or whatever, and started growing, and i accidentally taught it to breath fire, so it was a dragon.

i've really got to stop accidentally teaching zombie crows to breath fire, it only turns into trouble.

originally, i was in a school with a bunch of classmates, and we launched a defensive campaign against the invading zombies, but then they all ran away, died, or turned into zombies.

we had fancy-pants compound bows though, like they use in archery competitions. we fought off the first wave, and i decided to set out on my own to get the crow/dragon before it came back for us. it sort of sucked, because it was on top of one of those giant power line towers, so i had to climb up w/o it seeing me i got about halfway up before some jerk that followed me woke the dragon up, and i had to magically float back down, run away, and do the whole fall down/ roll over and shoot thing with my last arrow.

luckily, i got it.

by the time i got back there were only a few people left at the school, and we were getting surrounded again. we took the elevator to the top floor, cuz zombies can't accuratly push buttons, and shot arrows down at them, but then somehow i was the only one left. apparently i also decided that since no one else was around, i should probably finish up fighting the zombies naked, which seems like a bad idea, in hindsight.

but, i killed off all the zombies, and was down to 2 arrows, which i used on the two talking zombie crows that crawled through a small vent and started making fun of me. jerks.


Sandy said...

Real archers use recurves

It never really was said...

particularly interesting is the fact that zombies can't accurately push buttons - good tip!