Friday, February 02, 2007

Just look at it

Sure, 675 dollars for a magazine subscription SOUNDS like a lot, but shit, this is a crazy ass magazine.

I would like to recomend reading about the Smell, Taste, and Light issues. Cards and Dimonds is pretty amazing too.

Additionally, I don't know how to make links in blogger.
If everyone pitches in, you can afford to buy me this.

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Captive Prisoner said...

to leave links in blogger, write the words you want to be the link in tha text box. then highlight it and click tha "link" button at the top of the text box (next to the ways to screw w. tha font size, etc.). It will ask you to type in tha link and will turn the highlighted section into a link.

its okay dave, computers are yer least until they become smarter then us and take ovah tha world. but until then!